Our Product Design Process

The Exploration Phase

1. First Meeting

We start by having a conversation. Tell us more about your business. What do you do, what are the current problems you’re facing, and how can we assist? From there, together, we’ll discuss if a new website, mobile app, or any other digital product you’re looking for is a good investment for your business. This will open the door for us to discuss possible solutions and the overall impact they might have on your company.

2. Deep Analysis

We give “analyzing your ideas” another spin by looking at the problems you’re trying to solve from different angles. We also consider multiple variables while brainstorming over every single solution possible for your benefit.

3. Mind Map

We create a full feature mind map of your new product so you can clearly picture every single feature to its tiniest details.

4. Second Meeting

It is very important that we are on the same page because this is the foundation of your new product. In our second meeting, we will be presenting you with a complete solution for your product, along with our Deep Analysis and Full Feature Mind Map. We want to ensure the success of your product launch, so we offer an optional free revision if you are interested in exploring a different angle.

The User Experience Phase

1. User Personas

Creating personas helps to understand users, their needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals. This is where we will define user personas for your new product to better service your unique client base.

2. Use Cases

In order to deliver the best value promised, we create multiple Use Cases to build and deliver the right product for your target users.

3. Best Practices Document

Having your User Personas and Use Cases defined, we create a Best Practice Document that sums up the best design practices for them. This document will be the blueprint that will continue to provide seamless and intuitive designs for your users to use your product.

4. Hand-Drawn Prototype

In order to see and test the flow of your new product, we hand-draw pages (or screen) and bind them together in a prototype based on all the data we’ve gathered. We draw and test multiple versions of them, so we can pick out the best approach. 

5. Wireframes

We create low-fidelity wireframes and connect them together in a wireframe prototype based on the previously created hand-drawn prototype.

6. Third Meeting

The wireframe prototype is a visual blueprint of your product, allowing you to interact and get a real feel for how your product will flow. The third meeting is to get your feedback and validation that the wireframe blueprints meet your business requirements. Again, our commitment is your full satisfaction, so we offer an optional free revision to ensure a successful product.

The User Interface Phase

1. Stylescapes

Stylescapes are the collection of images, type, colors, and designs that help define visual direction. We create two different versions of Stylescapes, Version 1 and Version 2. On top of that we make 2 additional version based on the two Stylescapes, Version 1A and Version 2A. In total you will be given four different Stylescapes to choose from. We want to make sure to give you plenty of options to choose from. Furthermore, this process will help increase our understanding of your design preference for your new product.

2. Fourth Meeting

We present you with the four unique Stylescapes. The goal of the fourth meeting is to select a Stylescape that best defines your product. We offer an optional free revision and provide you with 5 days to review with your team to validate your final decision.

3. The First Few Mockups

We design 2-4 mockups based on the wireframes and the stylescape you’ve chosen.

4. Fifth Meeting

We present you with the mockups, ask for your feedback, and also provide you with a free revision. At this point, we are at the beginning of our final design process and want to make sure we are aligned with your overall design aesthetics.

5. Handful Of Mockups

We design about 6 to 10 various mockups for you.

6. Sixth Meeting

We will set recurring meetings where we will present mockups. We take all the needed meetings to ensure every page/screen of your new product has been designed and approved by you.

7. Presentation Video (optional)

We can create a short presentation video for you and your team to help showcase your new digital product.

The Maintenance Phase

This phase is optional and you enter it automatically if you decide to have us maintain the design of your new digital product. The Maintenance Phase contains the following:

New Feature or Screen

We can continuously enrich your product with new screen designs and features as your product evolves and as your business grows.

Usability Testing

We can continuously enrich your product with new screen designs and features as your product evolves and as your business grows.

Heat Map

A heat map is a graphical representation of data that will help us visualize user engagement with your digital product. Based on this data we find out where we can improve the design. Don’t worry, all user data is anonymous and no personal data is ever acquired.

A/B Testing

Increase your product’s new features success rate through A/B Testing. Through this process we can determine the best user experience that yields the best results.

Our Designers Rock!

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